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Monday, February 29, 2016

"Misty forests, and the Calling of the Gods"

The road to Hel is equal to liminality; you are neither here nor there, neither dead nor alive. Instead, you are developing, learning, and becoming the new persona that you are bound to be for the rest of time. 
Very occasionally, one might be fortunate to encounter a piece of art that effect you to the very core. When such an event then come to pass, the act of sharing is truly an act of caring.

Inspired by Scandinavian folklore, mythology and nature, the Swedish artist Forndom presents us with music at its most enchanting; where the ritualistic goes hand-in-hand with the otherwordly. A reflection from ancient days, when people lived in harmony with nature; all rendered in a wonderful aural. If one were to draw a parallel to similar artists, Wardruna and early Arcana spring to mind.

By using – among other things – a shaman drum as a bass drum, drowned in water to make the skin loose, dark, and deep, a sense of a rhythmical pulse comes to mind. This is the kind of music that transcends the feeling of time, connecting us with the earth, ourselves and the continuity of Mother Nature. It’s dark, it’s beautiful and it’s truly genuine.

Note: All music and art © Forndom -

            Courtesy of H.L.H. Swärd


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