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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ring out, church bells!

With the holidays now being right around the corner, I wish to share one of the most traditional Norwegian Christmas carols - perhaps also one of the most solemn ones as well: "Kling no, klokka". With lyrics by one of the most famous poets from the northern part of Norway, Elias Blix (1836-1902), it was first printed in 1891, and remains to this day as Blix’ most beloved hymn. 

It is a song literally calling for Christmas, the first verse meaning  
"Ring out, church bells! Ring and call us from a thousand towers! Ring out salvation! Beckon and greet us in peace as children of God!" 
The following version is sung by the extraordinary Norwegian girl choir Stas, and may hopefully serve as a warm and peaceful entry into a magical, and very merry Christmas.  

Gledelig Jul!

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